I started this journey back in 2009. At the time, I had started a podcast and could not find something that fit what I was looking for. I had hired more than one developer, only to be left in the dust and forgotten about. I then turned to local developers, that didn’t have the time, or vision to pull off what I was looking for. So I decided to learn how to design my own sites using WordPress.
Like almost everything else in life, I learned by doing. Some people are book smart, others, learn by experience, I am the latter. For me to offer something, I have to go through it myself. I have to understand what it is like to be a client purchasing a project. What it is like for a visitor of a site, trying to navigate an intuitive design. What will help the overall experience of the site.
I have worked in the IT field in one capacity or another since the 90s. I have performed many tasks on the hardware and software side of things. I have experience with tech support, repair, sales, outsourcing, and auditing. This has helped me work with clients large and small. As a result, I have been able to manage projects with various types of teams. Troubleshoot, both internally, and with a client. Possibly the most important lesson is understanding how to communicate with people and understand their needs.
Being certified and molded a certain way in graphic design also helps with how I come up with a concept. It is important to make sure a site pops while maintaining the aesthetics a client is looking for. 
I have never been a fan of the hard sell or trying to upsell things to clients. I like to think that I’m on their side, and looking out for their best interest. I hate going into a store and having a salesperson try to sell me something that’s twice as much as I’m looking to spend. So why would I do that to others?
Over the years I have worked on my own sites. This is how I gained my initial experience. Those sites varied from podcasting sites to news sites with hundreds of updates per day.  I have worked on sites for other podcasters, and fan conventions. I have been tasked with everything from logo design, to social media campaigns, email marketing, blogging, audio, and video editing, as well as live streaming. Over the years I have worked on projects with all types of companies. Everything from Fortune 5s, to mid-size companies, and small boutique mom and pop shops.
I have an affinity for all types of music and enjoy watching and partaking in various kinds of sports.