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There are too many marketing gurus out there that promise to make money quickly and easily. But the only people that are making a quick buck in these scenarios, are the marketers themselves. SEO is not a quick fix, it’s a marathon.  It is a long-term project that takes months to fine-tune. I have seen marketers come into a business and offer their can’t miss skills. Promising unrealistic return on investment, in record time no less. All of this, without understanding what your company is about, or what products or services you offer. Is that marketer willing to study your business, and understand how to focus on your client base?

The usual shtick is “I’ve sold all of these vacuums, of course, it has to work”.  But how does their scheme apply to your business? Maybe you don’t sell an item that is used in 99.9% of all households and businesses?  Or your business is local, and you have no need to promote what you do on the other side of the country? “I can set up this funnel, it’s an instant turnaround”, sure, but how much does that funnel cost? Are you willing to pay hundreds a month with little to no uptick in your business? After their six-month contract is up, are you willing to hear the canned response of “Oh, I did all I could, maybe people just don’t like what you offer”.

The flip side is having a temp or receptionist handle this aspect of your business for you. In most cases, the end result will be similar to doing nothing. You have to take SEO seriously, and invest in a marketing project that works right for you.  You also need to have realistic expectations. Even once you hone in on the proper mix of keywords, the job isn’t over.  You have to constantly tweak and modify your campaigns to ensure that they continue to give you the desired results.

Sales funnels can cost between $99 to $399 a month. If you are generating hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, it can make sense to gamble on this approach.  If you are a small to midsize business, looking to pay that may not make sense. Especially when focusing your efforts on prospective clients looking for what you have to offer, instead of casting a wide net that catches little to nothing.

There are many tools that can be leveraged to capture your audience and convert them into a client.  Researching, and applying keywords to help your company rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing. Ads on social media focusing on certain demographics. Constantly engaging your clients with content through newsletters, websites and social media can help reel them in if they’re on the fence.  Taking the time to examine your competition, or those in your sector to determine what makes them successful. Figure out why someone follows them, and what you can do to increase the likelihood that they choose you over your competition.

All of this takes time, and money, but executed properly, the results are worth it in the end.

Several SEO packages are offered, a basic SEO package includes a standard SEO WordPress plugin, keyword research, and an end-of-month audit.

A premium SEO package includes implementation of a pro SEO WordPress plugin, pro keyword research, competitor keyword analysis, internal link building, and page speed optimization.

The email marketing package integrates MailChimp with your site, and helps leverage their service to help build mailing lists, and draw additional attention to your site.

The service packages can be combined at a discounted cost.


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