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Given today’s climate, it is even more important to have a site that helps connect you to your clients. Web design is something that continuously evolves over time. You can look at a site and almost instantly realize when it was put together. Some people may think that just having a website is enough of an online presence for their business. They don’t realize that certain trends instantly identify if a site is fairly new, or was built in the mid-90s. The latter, in most cases in an instant turn off for anyone navigating to your site.

This is true for every industry. Whether it’s trends in commerce, travel, news, sports, entertainment, food, or auto parts, don’t give potential clients a reason to look somewhere else. That all starts with the design of your site. Is it intuitive? Is it easy to use? Can prospective clients find what they’re looking for easily? Can they contact you easily? Can they find your location easily? Does the site call enough attention to what you offer so they won’t bolt to your competitors?

While working in sales I had a client tell me “the reason I like working with you is you aren’t calling me every day trying to give me a hard sell. You listen to my needs, try working with me, and get back to me in a reasonable amount of time”. That’s pretty much how I work with everything. I like to understand what my clients are trying to accomplish and offer up solutions to help them and their clients. Part of this is listening, and understanding their industry, and its trends. Looking into their competitors, and seeing what can be taken away to help make their site better. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel. And there is no shame in looking at what makes others successful and putting your own spin on it for your site.

Although I am currently in Europe, I grew and worked in the U.S. for many years. This means I can offer a U.S. work ethic at overseas prices. The sites I put together are responsive and work not only on your desktop but on tablets and phones. Quotes are provided in a timely fashion, and once a mock-up has been presented, you are allotted two rounds of changes or two hours of additional design on a project. Various tiers of projects are offered, from a basic site with free plugins (up to five), or premium sites with top-of-the-line professional plugins. Projects are all designed with security and backup services to help protect the site.  Basic projects receive three months of free maintenance, while premium sites receive six months of free maintenance, and monthly site audits. Maintenance can be extended if desired.

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