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I have been working with DAWs or Digital Audio Work Stations since the 90s. I bought my first CD recorder, and received a free copy of a DAW, and was off to the races. As a musician, I learned how to use a DAW to transition from recording on cassette tape to flexing my computer’s muscle and record my music digitally. No more would I have to limit myself to four tracks, and pinging my music between tracks. A DAW allotted me the ability to record on as many tracks as I wanted!

Over the years I’ve been able to use those same skills when I became a podcaster. So it has not been uncommon for me to have to edit interviews that I’ve conducted. Drop-in other audio assets to help with the flow of shows. Tighten up some of the things that I or the person I was interviewing had said. Removing the you know what I means, the ums, uhs and ahs. Taking extended pauses out and making the conversation sound more fluid in nature. From time to time, I’ve even had to remove sections of conversations out due to the request of the person I was speaking to.

Are you a podcaster, and don’t have the time to edit your own content? Let us help alleviate your situation, by helping lighten your workload. Are you someone that wants to start your own show, and needs someone to edit their content for them? I can use my knowledge of editing audio to help bring your show to life.

Editing video came about shortly thereafter. I am always trying to learn new things, and add layers to what I already know how to do. I saw that the manufacturer that made the DAW I was using also had a video suit. So I checked it out and saw that after using their DAW, their video editing software wasn’t difficult to use. Similar to how I built upon my knowledge of audio editing, I started to use video editing for personal use. Over the years I have been able to apply that knowledge to podcasting as well. Whether that’s editing video interviews, creating online video content, setting up live feeds, or editing a video live stream to help take it to the next level.

As I am writing this, the world is caught in a pandemic. A lot of people have turned to video conferencing in order to connect with one another. Perhaps you’re looking to bring these videos to the masses and want to edit them or spruce them up for mass consumption. Perhaps you just want to have a teaser video setup to further entice people to check them out. These are all things that I can handle for you. Let me know your video needs so that I can provide you with the available options for your project.

Why turn to us for your audio or video editing needs? I once had someone tell me that entertainment was all about smoke and mirrors, selling an illusion. Let us make your audio or video look and sound as good as possible. Saving you time, and headaches, while taking your content to the next level. Wowing your site’s visitors, and helping your content go viral.


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