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Your brand is a calling card to clients. Having a logo that instantly pops out, and remains embedded in your clients’ heads is one of the most important aspects of any business. Think about it, regardless of the industry, you can instantly identify a logo, and think of what that company offers. In some instances, you don’t even have to see the company name or color scheme. But you instantly know who they are, and what they offer.

Logos evolve over time, look at restaurant chains. Every few years they redesign the layout of their establishments. This entails changing up their logo, even if it’s ever so slightly. This can be anything from changing the fonts on their logo and menus. To using alternate colors, or coming up with a new take on a classic logo.

Look at sports teams, how many alternate jerseys are on the market? They tend to be a play on a team’s history, the city where a franchise resides, their local monuments, weather, or anything else that can be used to sell you on the apparel.

Apparel companies themselves have specific logos for different lines of clothes, and sneakers. They may have a variation of their logo for swimsuits, and a different color scheme for snow sports. The logo can be a basic duotone for a classic retro-sneaker. But an athlete’s custom line from the same brand may have a more intricate take on that same logo.

At the end of the day, you want to have something that stands out. You want the first thing your clients remember when looking to fill a need is your logo. People will say, but the quality of my services or my products is what they remember. This is true, but your logo is what they will associate with your products and services. It is what makes them think of your brand. What pops into their head when they think about when that time you helped them out of a jam.

What makes your logo impactful? Is it the simplicity of its design? Is it an animation? Is it a play on your industry? Is it a variation of what you distribute? Is it a sound? Maybe you already have a logo, but want to have an alternate setup for a promotion or a special event?

Let me know your logo needs, and I’ll work with you to help come up with a memorable design. Your business deserves a logo that will help call attention to new clients and make the established ones refer you, and keep coming back for more.


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