VMRIT is a web design shop that offers an American work ethic, at overseas prices.  With over a decade of experience in web design, VMRIT can help if you’re looking to create a new website, revamp an old site, maintain your existing site, edit your podcast’s audio, create content for your blog or social media, need to have a logo designed, or setup a marketing strategy.


I absolutely hate up selling items or forcing a hard sale on someone.  You’ll have someone approach you and say “buy from me, and I’ll guarantee you X”.  You can also find people offering to build you a site for dirt cheap.  But at what cost?  Do you know that a lot of those $5 per hour builds, end up costing more in the long run?  Why wait eight months to have something developed that usually only takes two weeks?  Do you know that down the road a lot of those same dirt-cheap designers or developers hold you for ransom knowing you’ll pay to keep your site running?  

That’s never the case here, I listen to clients, and try to understand people’s needs.  The site build is done hand in hand with you to ensure there are no misconceptions as to what you’re receiving. And you’re getting exactly what you want.  If you’re happy with your website, chances are you’ll tell people about it, and direct them to me.  

I build sites using WordPress, and top-notch plugins to help make a site look great while keeping everything secure and backed up. Not only will the site look good to visitors, but the way I work I implement tools that help make your site run as headache-free as possible.


Website Design

Why is it necessary to make a great first impression with your website? Why it is as important your business card?


Your site should not be ten years old. If you have a lackadaisical approach to your site, your clients will not take your seriously.
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SEO / Marketing

What is SEO, and marketing strategies for the long haul. Why you should avoid quick fixes offered by of snake oil salesmen.


Is a marketing guru guaranteeing results, but can't give you concrete answers without blowing a boatload of cash?
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Why is keeping your site up and running and secure so important? Why you should have a backup plan in case something goes wrong.


No site is 100% secure, but you can lock it down so that regardless how many times hacker come knocking, they can't get in.
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Logo Design

Why having a recognizable logo is imperative to build your brand.


Your logo needs to be something recognizable, and memorable. Your clients needs to instantly think about your logo as soon as they think about what you offer.
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Content Creation

Why updating your site's blog on a regular basis and engaging current and potential clients is so important.


Keep your audience engaged, keep them on your site. This increases the likely hood of a sale.
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Audio & Video Editing

Why is it so important to make sure my podcast sounds the best, or my conference video looks like a million bucks?


Need to edit your podcast, but don't have the time to do it? Need to take your videos to the next level?
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Mark Strigl
Victor Ruiz has been a fantastic part of the Talking Rock team for many years. His enthusiasm for the work, clear communication skills and technical knowledge of running the Word Press site, podcasts and our Patreon page make him a big asset to our company. He is a competent and organized. Besides helping with all things technical, he writes news articles and commentary which our readers and customers really seem to enjoy. Please reach out to me directly with any other questions about Victor Ruiz.
Mark Strigl
TalkingRock.net / Talking Metal Podcast
Chris Vaglio
Victor worked with me to create a website for my podcast, Galaxy of Geeks and has helped me maintain and create pages for my coaching site, Rock It Growth Agency. He really listened to what I wanted and was able create a very clean and functional website that is easy to update and simple for my audience to navigate. Making sure that the site can be seen on mobile devices was a big deal for me since most of audience listens to the podcast on their devices. He was able to design a site that works and looks great on mobile!
Chris Vaglio
Galaxy Of Geeks Podcast
Aaron Camaro
Victor was able to take a site that was several years old, bring it into the now, and make it fly. The site had never loaded so fast.
Aaron Camaro
Decibel Geek Podcast
Chris Czynszak
I was skeptical when revamping the site was pitched to me. I figured things were good enough as is. I was convinced into thinking that the new site would be much more professional looking. And would help me reach a bigger audience. The end result was far beyond what I had anticipated. It blew my mind, and helped give the convention a much more impactful presence on the web.
Chris Czynszak
Kate Lewis
Victor took the time to understand the scope of my project and was very confident that he could deliver the exact type of website that I was looking for. He was knowledgeable about the different types of plug-ins that we would need to use in order for my website to function how I wanted and answered all of my questions. After we spoke, I knew it was time to put my project in the hands of a professional, and I was extremely pleased with the outcome.
Kate Lewis
Amethyst Yoga